cis/trans isomerism

cis/trans isomerism
цис/транс изомерия
геометрическая изомерия в химии одна из форм стереоизомерии

English-Russian Biotechnology Glossary. . 2007.

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  • Cis–trans isomerism — Cis but 2 ene Trans but 2 ene In organic che …   Wikipedia

  • Cis-trans isomerism — In chemistry, cis trans isomerism or geometric isomerism or configuration isomerism is a form of stereoisomerism describing the orientation of functional groups within a molecule. In general, such isomers contain double bonds, which cannot rotate …   Wikipedia

  • cis-trans isomerism — noun a form of geometric isomerism in which one isomer has the cis and the other has the trans configuration …   Wiktionary

  • cis-trans isomerism — /ˌsɪs trænz aɪˈsɒmərɪzəm/ (say .sis tranz uy somuhrizuhm) noun a form of isomerism occurring in a molecule which is rigid because it contains a double bond or ring system. The cis isomer has specific groups on the same side, and the trans isomer… …  

  • cis-trans isomerism — noun : geometric isomerism in unsaturated compounds or cyclic compounds depending usually on the presence in the molecule of a pair of substituted groups (as unsymmetrically substituted methylene groups) so that the isomers have comparable… …   Useful english dictionary

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  • cis-trans — ˈsi|stran(t)s, nz adjective Etymology: cis + trans : relating to, exhibiting, or being a particular type of stereoisomerism see cis trans isomerism …   Useful english dictionary

  • Cis — For acronyms, see CIS (disambiguation). Cis may have the following meanings: Cis as a prefix of Latin origin, meaning on the same side [as] or on this side [of] , with several derived usages: In chemistry, cis refers to cis trans isomerism In… …   Wikipedia

  • cis — adjective /sɪs/ a) Having two mutations on two genes on the same chromosome of a homologous pair. b) (properly cis ) Describing a double bond in which the greater radical on both ends is on the same side of the bond. See Also: cis , cisalpine …   Wiktionary

  • cis- — 1. a prefix denoting relative nearness: cisalpine; cismontane. 2. Chemistry a prefix denoting the nearness of identical atoms or groups attached on the same side of two atoms linked by a double bond. See cis trans isomerism. {Latin cis this side… …  

  • trans- — 1. a prefix meaning across , beyond , freely applied in geographical terms (transcontinental, trans Australian), also found attached to stems not used as words, and in figurative meanings, as transpire, transport, transcend. 2. a prefix meaning… …  

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